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Posted 2 years ago


Dylan Wilks speaking at the TEDx Katipunan Avenue about his social entrepreneurial project, Human Nature. 

This TEDx was an exclusive event, where participants were accepted based on an essay answering the question, “If you were to start a revolution right now, what would it be?” Naturally, not everybody had the privilege of listening to the talks in person. This was why Twitter and live feeds were the avenues of ideas from the venue to the rest of the world. Attendees continuously tweeted and Facebook stat-ed the speakers and their quotable quotes.

June 16,2012|Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

Posted 2 years ago

The youngest Philippine mayor ever, Mayor Pie Alvarez of San Vicente, Palawan, and the CEO of, Maria Ressa speaking at TEDx Katipunan.

June 16,2012|Ateneo de Manila University,Quezon City

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